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Architektur Concept Pfaffhausen + Staudte GbR

Dipl. Ing. Guido Pfaffhausen, Architekt | Dipl. Ing. Sylvia Staudte, Garten- und Landschaftsarchitektin bdla

Scheringerstraße 1-3
08056 Zwickau

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Tel. (0375)  277350
Fax (0375)  2773520

archtektur concept was founded in 1992 by Guido Pfaffhausen, architect, and Sylvia Staudte, landscape architect, and has been managed jointly by the two of them ever since.

In cooperation with architects and landscape architects, as well as with partners of many years' standing, we have been able to implement numerous projects in recent years.

The spectrum of our planning ranges from architecture to landscape architecture to urban development, from conceptual work to concrete building.

In our office we combine experienced professionals for structural engineering, landscape architecture and urban planning. This versatility enables us to work holistically on projects, to inspire each other and to be open to new perspectives.

For us, architecture is not pure art, which we pursue for its own sake, but it must also meet demands for functionality and sustainability. Creating architecture in and with which people can live better - that has been our guiding principle for over 20 years.

Focus of work Landscape

This service area consists of the two subject areas of landscape planning and landscape architecture.

_Landscape planning

The task of landscape planning is to protect and develop the sustainable development of nature and landscape, thus the basis of life for mankind.

In this context, landscape for us means the complex synthesis of the most diverse elements, such as water, terrain, soil, climate, but also fields and forests, the reading stone pile at the edge of the field and the meadows, buildings and paths. Countless elements determine our landscape and embody not only the ecological and economic value but also a high ideal value. Landscape can be home, memory, identity....

Landscape planning represents, in our opinion, the most important opportunity to introduce fundamental environmental concerns and the aspect of landscape aesthetics at a very early stage in planning processes and thus ultimately to secure natural resources and an environment worth living in.

In particular, we see the planning challenges associated with climate change and energy transition as one of the most important fields of action in this area in the future.

In detail, we provide
Binding urban land use planning
- Landscape plan
- Green space plan
- Environmental assessment

Planning procedures
- Landscape conservation plans
- FFH preliminary examinations
- Impact compensation balancing
- Landscape conservation implementation planning
- Environmental construction management

_Landscape architecture

Landscape architecture spans for us the arc from garden to park. In doing so, we work with the ever-growing building material that is plants. We plan spaces that are not the same every day. We work not only with forms, colors and materials but also with smells, sounds, and feelings ...
Our basis is a thoroughly material one, based on scientific knowledge and solid building regulations.
Open spaces, designed landscapes, are not an end in themselves but a living environment for all of us. Therefore, in addition to aesthetics, ecological and social factors also determine our work.

In detail, we provide
planning municipal open spaces and green corridors
street and square design
open spaces at public facilities
open spaces for office buildings, commercial and industrial facilities