dipl.-ing. ulrich stief landschaftsarchitekt bdla

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dipl.-ing. ulrich stief landschaftsarchitekt bdla

Mozartstraße 21
78464 Konstanz

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Tel. (07531)  3655072
Fax (07531)  3655073


dipl.-ing. ulrich stief - landschaftsarchitekt bdla, your partner when it comes to solutions in garden and landscape architecture, from planning to implementation. Together with you, we are as innovative, flexible and continuous as you wish and the project requires.

You will find our office in Mozartstrasse, in Constance, in the immediate vicinity of
Lake Constance. All elements of our work are present here: Architecture, natural space, culture, tranquility and space for inspiration and ideas.

The office handles large and small garden and open space projects. Our size allows us to work very efficiently and without bureaucratic obstacles. A well-coordinated team of freelancers covers a variety of task areas.

For whom?
For public, commercial and private clients. If necessary, also worldwide. Preference is given to assignments that allow for good ideas and exceptional solutions.