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Terrabiota Landschaftsarchitekten und Stadtplaner GmbH

Christian Ufer, Mechthild von Puttkamer

Kaiser-Wilhelm-Straße 13a
82319 Starnberg

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Tel. (08151)  97 999 30
Fax (08151)  97 999 49


Where people live and act, they change their urban and landscape environment and continuously adapt it to current needs.

Landscape architecture, landscape planning and urban planning require a holistic approach in planning due to their permanent intersections and interactions. We see understanding and dealing with them as a coherent unit and our task.

Clear design solutions that serve the site and the users and mean sustainable improvement are in the foreground. We find the identity and quality of the design in dialogue with the location, taking into account all the necessary details.

Our clients are districts and municipalities, developers and private builders, to whom we offer a wide range of services in all phases of landscape architecture, landscape and urban planning.

Depending on the task, we form working teams with various experts and specialist planners. We attach particular importance to constructive cooperation between all those involved in the planning process in terms of design, technical and human aspects.


Jan Günther, Ursula Reiser, Marcus Mahn, Claudia Wolf, Xin Yi, Melanie Rihm, Oliver Korch, Miriam Hoch, Lisa Schwarz, Monika Tzschentke, Markus Bähner, Marion Bader, Andrea Winterstein,


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