V i l l e n a Landschaftsarchitektur + Umweltplanung

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V i l l e n a Landschaftsarchitektur + Umweltplanung

Stefan Villena-Kirschner, Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Freier Landschaftsarchitekt bdla

Kastanienallee 24
28717 Bremen

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Building owners and planning authorities receive professional support in the design, use and development of private and public spaces. The garden, settlement open space and open landscape are understood as cultural and living space. A project-accompanying cooperative dialogue with building owners/clients and other planning participants from other disciplines is the basis of a trusting and goal-oriented cooperation.

Solutions are developed that take into account individual, functional, aesthetic, ecological, social, legal and economic requirements. As a prerequisite for the development of creative, specific solutions tailored to the particularities of the site, special attention is paid to the concrete conditions of the project location.
Public and private green spaces, residential gardens, open spaces for industrial, commercial and public buildings, open spaces in residential construction, garden monument preservation

Projects of traffic route planning for all modes of transport, commercial space and settlement development, urban land-use planning, etc. (UVS, LBP, environmental assessment, environmental report, green development plans). (UVS, LBP, environmental assessment, environmental report, green order plans)

FACHCHPLANUNGEN des NATURSCHUTZ und der LANDSCHAFTSPFLEGE und Biologisch-ökologische Fachbeiträge
Biotopkartierungen, Floristische und Faunistische Bestandsaufnahmen, Artenschutzbeiträge, Umweltmonitoring und Erfolgskontrollen im Rahmen der Eingriffsregelung und anderer naturschutzfachliche Fragestellungen, Ökologische Baubegleitung