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Stefan Wallmann Landschaftsarchitekten

Fürst-Bismarck-Straße 20
13469 Berlin

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The office Stefan Wallmann works in all service phases of the HOAI in the field of landscape planning as well as in the field of open space planning. As landscape architects, we bring many years of experience and our knowledge around the topic of "green" into the planning and implementation of a wide variety of projects.
For our clients, we are a reliable and constantly accessible partner for a wide range of planning levels - from regional planning and planning law issues to design and urban development aspects to construction and billing issues. We see our strength in the consistently high professional quality in all service phases, from the level of regional planning to the setting of the individual paving stone.
As landscape architects, we understand planning as a constantly evolving and interactive design process in which wishes and needs are identified, problems and possible solutions are identified, and ultimately visions become reality. The success of the overall project is always in the foreground.
In both landscape planning and open space planning, we have made it our goal to provide comprehensive and continuous support and advice to clients and participating specialist engineers, politicians and administrative staff, users and those affected in equal measure. The fact that our clients - both public and private - work with us again and again is an expression of our intensive and trusting support.
In both landscape planning and open space planning, we place the greatest value on functional, ecologically and creatively sophisticated solutions that can be implemented and maintained cost-effectively at the same time.
Usability and a variety of experiences are always in the foreground of the facilities we plan. We attach particular importance to the graphic preparation and presentation of the planning and ideas.