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raum + zeit Landschaftsarchitektur Stadtplanung PartGmbB

Tobias Nowak und Yvonne Hammes

Papiererstraße 3
84034 Landshut

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Tel. (0871)  23566
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We consider it our primary task to develop innovative solutions for the wishes of our clients. To do this, we use our many years of experience and knowledge of current developments. The relationship to the location is always in the foreground.

Together with our clients, we develop cost-effective, ecologically optimized and socially effective solutions. Early information and open communication with planning participants and citizens are a matter of course for us.

The current structural and climate change presents us with new challenges. In our object planning, we try to master these with a clear language of form, high quality of detail and a precise selection of plants.

We place the protection, maintenance and further development of the cultural landscape at the centre of our landscape planning. In this way, we strengthen local potential and regional economic cycles.

The result is harmonious and atmospheric spaces that reflect the respective location and its atmosphere, but at the same time are open to future developments.

raum zeit is both a claim and a program.
Our office offers innovative approaches to solutions for our clients' tasks based on many years of experience and the latest findings. To this end, we are in close contact with experts from other disciplines. Each member of the team brings his or her own ideas into the daily work. Our clients benefit from the testing and joint discussion of new solutions.

We attach great importance to sustainable planning. This means that, together with our clients, we develop cost-effective, ecologically optimised and socially effective solutions. The participation and active information of the population about the planned goals and contents is self-evident.

Our object plannings are characterized by a clear form language with high detail quality and precise plant selection completely in the sense of "less is often more". The goal is the economical use of soil, water and raw materials.

In the area of landscape planning, we try to avoid conflicts between different interest groups through early communication. The focus of planning is on the protection, maintenance and further development of the cultural landscape. In the implementation of all planning, we strengthen the local potentials and thus stimulate the development of regional economic cycles.

As landscape architects, we work on urban planning concepts, as we understand open space and architecture as a unit.


Bernhard Vilzmann
Martin Spägele
Petra Maier
Susanne Leythäuser
Franziska Paintner

Freie Mitarbeiter
Helmut Wartner
Andrea Huber
Sarah Kratzeisen