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WLG Wollborn LandschaftsArchitekten GmbH

Wollborn, Jürgen

Schreiberhauer Straße 3
90475 Nürnberg

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The most important benchmark for the quality of our planning and consulting services is the satisfaction of our customers. We achieve this goal through the competence of our employees and their ongoing training. Furthermore, through an efficient organisation of the planning processes and through constant communication with the client and those involved in the planning.
The customer is at the centre of everything we do, as he is the most important person for our company; whether he is there in person, whether he writes, whether he phones or whether he waits for an answer. Everyone in the company is guided in their actions by the well-being of the customer and the company. This is made possible by the transparency of all company goals and intentions and the commitment of all employees according to their inclinations and abilities. Employees are the essential part of our company. The success of our company results from the success of our employees. All of them can clearly control their success by the degree of their identification with this company credo. Every employee uses his or her knowledge and skills to find new and better solutions. Good can become very good. We will only stop making changes if they no longer bring about improvement.

We are a service company: Serving comes before earning. The more value we provide to our customers, the more value we will all reap in return.

Our company's commitment to quality makes employees proud to work for this company. All employees have the opportunity to contribute to the company's vision.
(Excerpt from the Quality Management Manual)