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Förder Landschaftsarchitekten GmbH

Matthias Förder

Folkwangstraße 1
45128 Essen

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Tel. (0201)  1 71 40 40
Fax (0201)  17 14 04 20


We are an established, creative and passionate landscape architecture office from the heart of the Ruhr area.

With our team of young and experienced employees, we work on national and international projects and competitions. Our work spectrum ranges from master to object planning in urban and landscape contexts. We cultivate a corporate culture that is characterized by diversity, openness and a balance between private and professional life.
Our work spectrum ranges from master to object planning in urban and landscape contexts. Project-related, we work together with architects, urban planners and specialist planners or collaborate with other landscape architecture firms.

In a creative environment at our location in Essen, we produce a large number of contributions to regional, national and international projects as well as competitions in the fields of:

Parks and gardens, urban spaces and squares, living and playing, services and administration, culture and experience

We pursue the goal of creating ecologically, economically and socially perfect "feel-good places". On our way to this goal, we are guided by artistic thinking as much as by pragmatic action. In this field of tension we develop programs, concepts and solutions based on the task, the specific context of a place and taking into account new challenges such as climate change. In this way, places are created that include instead of exclude and open up perspectives instead of forcing decisions: "feel-good places" that affirm all aspects of human life.


Katharina Benisch
Judith Brands
Natalia Breimann
Ulrike Deiss
Annette Demmer
Matthias Förder
Arnaud Greder
Lina Greder
Nils Hahn
Emir Hasanagic
Matthias Kösters
Rebekka Löbbert
Judith Schlüter
Jens Tanko
Raphael Wikker
Johannes Zell
Sebastian Zorn