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Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl

Dieter Grau, Gerhard Hauber

Nussdorfer Straße 9
88662 Überlingen

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Our approach starts with consistent interdisciplinary cooperation, creative participation processes and the early involvement of authorities and decision-makers. This is the only way to find innovative solutions for increasingly complex projects.
We develop visions but at the same time keep our feet on the ground. For us, innovation goes hand in hand with the aspiration to realise it. This is another reason why we work on our projects from the initial idea through to construction management. We combine design and engineering and use our skills in landscape architecture, urban planning, urban hydrology and environmental engineering to create unique public spaces in which water management is integrated in a technically perfect and aesthetically sophisticated way. Technology becomes transparent and a visible and tangible part of our environment.
Our philosophy is based on our European roots, honed and shaped on projects in all parts of the world and made possible by our multicultural and multidisciplinary teams in Germany, Singapore, China, Scandinavia and the Middle East.

-Integrated planning to promote quality of life
-Protecting and integrating water as the most important resource
-Landscape architecture, to bring urban nature to life in the city
-To use art and design to make open spaces more intensely experienced and experiential

-Takes vision to realization in a project cycle to construction
-Generates quality and identity through participation
-Enables the integration of natural systems in an urban context
-Uses design and art to inspire people and generate emotion
-Makes processes in technology visible and experiential through aesthetic design

In light of global climate change, population growth and increased demand on finite natural resources, water is of paramount importance. Proven infrastructures that were once suitable solutions must be completely
questioned in the face of these challenges. It is no longer enough to think in terms of supply and disposal, but integration of decentralized and sustainable water cycles is increasingly of global interest.
Our innovative approach is based on the interconnection of urban infrastructure with visible urban design. The creation of living space in the city and with integration of nature simultaneously fulfills functional tasks such as stormwater management.
Developed comprehensibly and with a sense of local culture, infrastructure becomes a natural part of the living environment and respected. Only in this way can an understanding or at least an inkling of finite natural resources emerge in our society - and make one or two
think about their personal behavior. Open-ended citizen participation and dynamic, interdisciplinary planning processes help to implement these approaches sustainably in projects

How can we make this happen in a city? Climate change is heavily featured in the media and is most often communicated in conjunction with fear. Disaster scenarios repel people and also fuel mistrust of change. Whereby great opportunities arise here for our cities. Only by achieving a synthesis between urban and quality of life, resource protection and precaution, we can successfully contest this transformation into a blue-green infrastructure.
In this field of tension between innovation, sustainability and real implementation, we can help with our creativity and many years of experience to bring visions into built complex realities.

For this purpose, we offer the following services:
-Climate adaptation strategies
-Strategic flood management
-River restoration
-Blue-Green master plans in urban environments.


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