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Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Jochen Roos - Freier Landschaftsarchitekt

Adenauerplatz 4
71522 Backnang

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Tel. (07191)  961 91 90
Fax (07191)  961 91 84

We are an interdisciplinary planning office for urban, landscape and open space planning and support our clients as consultants and planners. The needs of people in the areas of living, working, movement and recreation, as well as a sustainable approach to the natural functions of the landscape are particularly important to us. The economic efficiency of the planning results and a good design quality are the focus of our reliable and committed way of working.


Daniel Bok, Miriam Pfäffle, Andreas Gutscher, Nadja Schäfer, Joachim Latsch, Jessica Bach, Heike Layer, Simon Wunsch, Dimitris Karalexis, Martin Schulzendorf, Anne Miller, Giya George, Benita Leykam, Marilen Wenzler, Natalie Klenk

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