Architektur für Garten und Landschaft Englisch Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Thomas English

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Architektur für Garten und Landschaft

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Thomas Englisch

Rheinhessenstraße 3
55129 Mainz

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Tel. (06131)  61 67 02
Fax (06131)  61 67 03

Your competent partner for garden consulting and garden planning of house and roof gardens, playgrounds and sports fields as well as open space and landscape planning.
We show you the possibilities and develop with you the new ideas for your garden such as Feng Shui garden, bamboo, roof, family or water gardens.
In the field of open space planning we work on outdoor facilities of companies, schools and kindergartens as well as public parks, cemeteries and garden shows.
Our field of work includes all planning tasks and service phases of landscape planning.
We are partners for environmental protection and open space management.
The sports field planning includes the areas of golf courses, grass and synthetic grass playing fields, equestrian facilities, synthetic playing fields and running tracks and tennis facilities.
Other planning activities

Road and traffic route planning :
In the age of increasing mobility requirements and increased traffic volume, the planning of modern traffic routes is becoming more and more important. At the same time, the requirements of preserving nature and natural beauty are becoming higher.
Through the interaction of road planners and green planners in our office, road designs are created that represent a balanced interaction between the different requirements.

Land-use planning:
From the landscape plan to the land-use plan to the development plan, we create building law for structural and civil engineering measures in conjunction with the responsible municipality.

Often, our engineering office is also approached by non-specialist requirements. Here we work together with different colleagues from other specialist areas. Gladly we arrange for them here appropriate contacts or get them the appropriate offer.

We are able to carry out all surveying work ourselves, such as site surveys, terrain models and staking out. Construction accounting, green space management with GIS and tree or green cadastre round off the services.
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Seminars and training:
The engineering and architectural office Thomas English offers throughout the year seminars for various fields of interest.
Our goal is to provide you with practical knowledge for planning, tendering, construction management, surveying and construction accounting. From practitioners for practitioners. Whether you are a foreman or supervisor, site manager of small, medium or large construction sites, operations manager or general manager. We have the right concept for each of these management levels.
Well, seminars and lectures can also be booked independently of the dates we offer, or we can come directly to them.

Moderation and mediation:
Resolution of conflict issues in the planning, construction and environmental fields,
contract and tender documents, claim management, dates and deadlines, obstructions, progress and final invoices, citizens, investors, associations and authorities.
Help with internal conflicts in architecture and engineering offices as well as craft enterprises, employees and co-workers, teams and departments, management and company level, restructuring measures, customers and suppliers, company mergers and company succession.

Mediator team:
Mrs. Jasmin Jäger, independent lawyer in the field of construction law and family law, managing director of a wood processing production company, business mediator (FH) / VdB.
Mr. Thomas Englisch, expert for construction accounting and construction processing, managing director of an architectural and engineering office in Mainz, business mediator (FH) / VdB.

We are very committed to teaching, research and professional policy, as well as teaching assignments for moderation / mediation and training events of various architectural chambers, DGGL, BDLA, lecture events and publications.


Claudia Berger-Syska, Manuel Geiter, Theresa Pickel

Partners & Network

Rechtsanwältin und Absolventin des Fachanwaltkurses für Bau- und Architektenrecht,
Wirtschafsmediatorin (FH) / VdB
Jasmin Jäger
Weingartenstrasse 12
55627 Martinstein
Telefon:06754 / 946415, Fax: 06754 / 2779986 /

Dipl.-Ing. Kurt Seegmüller
Beethovenstraße 28
65232 Taunusstein
Telefon: 0171 / 5577600 /

Straßen- und Verkehrsplanung, Bauleit- und Umweltplanung
L.O.P., Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Uwe Hock
Huxelstrasse 9c
67550 Worms
Telefon: 06241 / 93991-0, Fax: -18 /

Bau- / Projektleitung und Bauüberwachung
HARZing. GmbH, Dipl.-Ing. Dirk von der Dellen
Herbrink 7
38667 Bad Harzburg
Telefon: 05322 / 554917 /

Management für Umwelt und Technologie
Rubel & Partner GbR
Hermannstraße 65
55286 Wörrstadt
Telefon: 06732 / 932980 Fax: 06732 / 961098 /