Mertins Landschaftsarchitektur

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Mertins Landschaftsarchitektur

Dipl. Ing. Reiner Mertins, Landschaftsarchitekt

Ruhrstraße 90
22761 Hamburg

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Tel. (040)  890 6676 0

At Mertins Landscape Architecture, we plan outdoor facilities - from the first sketch to construction supervision. At the beginning there is a vision, at the end the built landscape. Since 2002, we have successfully completed a wide variety of projects for commercial, public and private clients.

We ensure our high standards through many years of multi-faceted experience, continuous training and professional exchange in our professional association BDLA Bund Deutscher Landschaftsarchitekten.

In the planning process, we face the challenge of combining ecologically sensitive and at the same time socially responsible thoughts with constructive aesthetics and functionality. Starting from the potentials on site, we stage dynamic and authentic open spaces that are clearly legible to the viewer.

Constructive exchange and continuous communication within the team in cooperation with clients and project participants are the basis for this.
Our goal is the highest possible quality through intensive support of the construction project in all phases.

In addition to the development of a surprising idea, we pay special attention to compliance with the cost specifications and the guarantee of a flawless structural implementation according to the rules of technology.


Michael Döring, Christian Topp, Richard Lühring, Judith Hilgers, Jakob Döbertin, Mara Haslett, Nafiz Rahat