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With locations in Germany and Switzerland, bbz landscape architects have a wealth of experience in dealing with cities and landscapes. With curiosity and passion, we work on the entire range of open space design, from small roof gardens to the recultivation of large-scale open-cast mining landscapes. Based on a careful analysis of the site, we develop tailor-made solutions for the respective uses. The contemporary and sustainable solutions are characterized by reduction to the essentials, clarity and elegance.
The core of the work of bbz landscape architects is a clear and precise spatial constellation. The quality of the spatial and design solutions can be experienced sensually and in real terms. Our designs offer new and unusual perceptions and spatial experiences.
We feel obliged to the requirements of public space, fashionable playfulness and excitement are far from us. We pay special attention to the plant, as a dynamic element of growth and change. In interdisciplinary teams with architects, urban planners, artists and specialist planners, we accompany our clients through all phases of planning and execution.
bbz landschaftsarchitekten has made a name for itself in the design of large plazas and the redesign of inner cities. In recent years, bbz landscape architects has also increasingly developed private and community open spaces in new residential construction and public building environments.

Spectrum of services according to service profiles:
Object planning of open spaces (all service phases of the HOAI)
Object planning of traffic facilities (all service phases of the HOAI)
Integral overall planning with the inclusion of specialist planners as sub-planners
Urban planning designs and urban-open space planning master plans
Urban planning and open space planning expert procedures and competitions
Prize tribunals

Spectrum of services according to fields of activity:
Parks, garden shows, gardens, residential environments and courtyards
Open space design in historical contexts
Garden art interventions
City planning
City spaces and squares
Open spaces of educational, cultural and health institutions
Industry, commerce and infrastructures
Development of open space objects and equipment elements
Exhibitions, publications, lectures.