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UKL Ulrich Krüger Landscape Architects

Ulrich Krüger

Glasewaldtstraße 7
01277 Dresden

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Landscape architecture is responsibility. Responsibility in the design context, in dealing with nature and responsibility for us humans.

These fundamentals as well as the respect for the peculiarity of the place and the project determine our work. Our approach aims to develop designs from the particular, often large-scale, conceptual idea to the details.
We develop places from the "genius loci" and strengthen their character. Each project is developed from conceptual relationships with its surroundings. The basis for this is an intensive analysis of each place. This approach results in a firm embedding of the individual project in the overall context and in the special characteristics of the place instead of arbitrary and often unrelated individual projects lying next to each other.
In general, we regard every planning task as a new, exciting challenge. We develop concepts in order to question, we discard in order to rethink and thereby improve. This process requires passion and openness to develop the details appropriately after the great general attitude of the design approach.

Our office is located in Dresden since 1996, since 2012 there is a branch in Magdeburg. In many projects there is a close interdisciplinary cooperation with structural architects, urban planners, designers, civil engineers and engineering biologists.