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Planergruppe GmbH Oberhausen

Ute Aufmkolk, Ulrike Beuter, Thomas Dietrich, Harald Fritz, Andreas Hegemann, Sigrid Kenke, Bianca Porath, Sascha Wienecke

Heinickestraße 44-48
45128 Essen

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Tel. (0201)  7471790
Fax (0201)  74717950

We design open spaces.
For us, this means making space tangible and usable. We direct the view to the existing qualities of (urban) landscapes.

Our office was founded in 1973 in Oberhausen, since the end of 2018 we are located in Essen and Hannover. Our focus is landscape architecture, in this field we are active in all contemporary subject areas. Our range of services extends from large-scale concepts to the planning of neighborhood squares or district parks.

The appreciation of the existing is the principle of our work: we trace the own language of the given and use architectural elements and materials restrained, but conscious, appropriate to the place and carefully. When we intervene, we do so in a restrained and considered manner.

We develop designs in the group and together with those who move in these open spaces, because different horizons of experience broaden the perspective and make the concept more complex. We often work in an interdisciplinary way with transportation planners, architects, urban planners, landscape planners, ecologists, and artists.

Our work does not end with the completion of the projects. It is our concern to continue to accompany them. We develop concepts for value-preserving care and plan care management.

Possible influences of climate change, a change in mobility behaviour and the preservation of biodiversity place new demands on open space. We think about them and plan for them. This is how we make open spaces usable today and in the future.


Ute Aufmkolk, Ulrike Beuter, Thomas Dietrich, Dominika Dyla, Johanna Frericks, Harald Fritz, Shamiparna Ghatak, Annaleen Gruss, Andreas Hegemann, Matthias Hower, Sigrid Kenke, Sorin Lalescu, Ching Akina Lee, Lubna Mansour, Lutz Neuschaefer, Bianca Porath, Melanie Rost, Susanne Schuster, Charlotte Soppa, Maren von der Brüggen, Kerstin Wagener, Sascha Wienecke