FSWLA Landscape architecture GmbH

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FSWLA Landschaftsarchitektur GmbH

Thomas Fenner I Jörg Weisser

Bergische Landstraße 606
40629 Düsseldorf

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Tel. (0211)  291060
Fax (0211)  2910620


We are the FSWLA office. One of the largest landscape architecture firms in Germany. Since 1971, when pioneering landscape architecture was created under the name Bödeker, Boyer, Wagenfeld und Partner, we have continued to develop. Today, more than 1,500 projects later, we look forward to you and your task.
How do you develop places to feel good? Landscape architecture that appeals to mind and feeling, that increases value - countably and emotionally?

Through the principle of joy.
Everything we do and how we do it follows this principle: We take pleasure in good work. In contemporary designs that also meet the highest standards in the long term.
We take pleasure in satisfied clients. We get this by adhering to budgets and schedules. By being highly reliable and running smoothly. We are fortunate to have over 20 permanent employees working with us. Young yet experienced, everyone can do exactly what they do best with us. In a motivating atmosphere that produces exceptional performance.