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Keller Damm Kollegen GmbH Landschaftsarchitekten Stadtplaner

Prof. Regine Keller, Franz Damm, Annika Sailer

Lothstraße 19
80797 München

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Tel. (089)  248 838 3-0

The planning approach of Keller Damm Kollegen Landschaftsarchitekten Stadtplaner is determined by contextual design.

This means that we are very specific in our planning to the particular circumstances of the place, whether it is a framework plan on an urban scale, the open spaces of housing and corporate headquarters or a narrowly defined individual plot: both in the design of private, as well as public open spaces.
In our designs and drafts, we are not looking for the trend, but the individual idea for the specific place.

Foundation and management:
Our headquarters is Munich. The office was founded in 1998 by Regine Keller. Since 2005, the office partnership with Franz Damm, since 2019 Annika Sailer is the third partner. Associates are Ralf Kuczera, Margareta Rothe and Nurettin Tüney.

Employees and teams:
We currently have about 30 employees working in our office, organized into four teams. Three teams focus on object planning (team leaders: Annika Sailer, Lilian Terme and Nurettin Tüney). Annika Sailer's team also specializes in design and competitions. A fourth team led by Ralf Kuczera is primarily responsible for construction management and local construction supervision.

Interdisciplinary work:
In our office, landscape architects, urban planners and architects work together on the planning content. Depending on the task, we maintain close exchange with external landscape planners, urban planners, architects, engineers, biologists and artists.

In the back office, specialists in economics and business administration, bookkeeping, human resources and accounting as well as public relations and marketing support the management.