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Marion Linke und Klaus Kerling Stadtplaner und Landschaftsarchitekten BDLA

Marion Linke und Klaus Kerling

Papiererstraße 16
84034 Landshut

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The landscape architecture office Linke Kerling was founded as a GbR on 01.09.2001. Both office owners have over 25 years of professional experience and are registered as landscape architects as well as urban planners in the Bavarian Chamber of Architects. The office is located in the city center of Landshut. Since December 2017, six of us have been working in a team of graduate engineers and bachelors.

We are also happy to give working students or interns, mostly from Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences, specializing in landscape planning or urban planning, an insight into the professional field.
The Linke Kerling office can now draw on nineteen years of experience in the field of open space planning, urban development and landscape planning.

In the field of open space planning, the current focus is on day nurseries, school open spaces and residential complexes, especially in the area of assisted living, as well as outdoor facilities for commercial enterprises, road and square designs and a swimming lake with leisure area. Our office can guarantee the processing of work phases 1 - 9.

In addition to competitions (Furth town center 2006), urban planning projects primarily include land use and development plans. These range from concentration zones for wind turbines or mobile phone systems, special areas for open-space photovoltaic systems, golf courses or large-scale retail projects to residential areas and commercial and industrial areas. We are also happy to take on further services, including municipal compensation area concepts / eco-accounts, support with urban development contracts and easements. We often work in interdisciplinary teams from a wide range of disciplines, as was recently the case with an integrated local development concept (IOEK).

In the field of landscape planning, in addition to several landscape plans with over 5,000 hectares of mapped area, a wide range of projects on ecological watercourse development / watercourse maintenance / WFD, further extraction planning, especially gravel pits, landscape conservation planning, e.g. for DB projects, and biotope design measures should be mentioned. Intensive public participation and advice for farmers are regularly part of the planning service. In recent years in particular, we have dealt with a wide range of hydromorphological issues as part of the implementation of watercourse development plans, the construction management of watercourse maintenance measures and the ecological construction management of flood retention measures. For species protection issues, we work with experienced animal ecologists as part of a team.

In addition, our office has been certified as a commercial eco-account operator together with a commercial partner since mid-2015.


Christina Buhr, Theresa Heß, Sarah Plank, Marie Priller und David Vogg