Maier Landschaftsarchitektur/ Betonlandschaften Dipl.- Ing. Ralf Maier Freelance Landscape Architect BDLA, IAKS, FLL

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Maier Landschaftsarchitektur/ Betonlandschaften

Dipl. - Ing. Ralf Maier

Rösrather Straße 769
51107 Köln

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Tel. (0221)  1395905 //

Landscape architecture office with specialization in the planning of bike and skate facilities.

Dipl.- Ing Ralf Maier creates as an expert and expert, expert opinions for bike and skate facilities, as well as safety inspections before commissioning.

At present, Mr. Maier completes the advanced training and further education at the AGS (Working Group of Experts Garden Landscaping - Sports Ground Construction) with the goal of the public appointment as an expert at the Chamber of Architects NRW.
Focus: Skate and Bike Facilities:
Nowadays there are many young people who spend a large part of their lives skateboarding or biking. But reasonable and sportsman-fair Analagen to live out her passion gives it hardly in Germany.

Especially important is with the planning of Skateparks the participation of the local Skater / BMX scene. The participation in the development process with suggestions, ideas, discussions, etc. not only increases the interest in the new park, but leads to the best possible acceptance by the subsequent users.

We also clearly advocate the "Skater-

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