Gruppe Freiraumplanung Landscape architects

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Freiraumplanung Ostermeyer + Partner mbB Landschaftsarchitekten

Thomas Ostermeyer, Carsten Schneider, Jessica Schütte

Unter den Eichen 4
30855 Langenhagen

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Tel. (0511)  928820
Fax (0511)  9288232

The Freiraumplanung Landschaftsarchitekten group has been in existence since 1979. The office is run by three partners and employs an average of over 15 staff.

The office's scope of work covers the entire spectrum of open space planning, from environmental impact studies, landscape plans and landscape conservation implementation planning to urban open space planning expert opinions and all areas of object planning.

In object planning, one focus lies in the area of open space planning in urban renewal - redevelopment areas, Socially Integrative City program areas - , also here the processing takes place over all planning levels, from open space planning expert opinions to the constructional implementation of the projects. Further focal points are interdisciplinary building area developments and the planning of play areas.

Special emphasis in the area of landscape planning lies in the accompaniment of infrastructural planning - road construction, rail and commercial developments - across all planning levels.


Andrea Bänder, Fabian Benndorf, Prof. Dr. Stefan Bochnig, Christine Burgdorf, Angela Eden, Miriam Groß, Christina Günther, Siegrid Herbst, Julia Hupka, Marius Hurlbrink, Marko Krause, Daniel Nagel, Sina Röing, Ann Katrin Schönmann, Ahu Schrader, Gesa Söhnholz