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stock landschaftsarchitekten

Wolfram Stock

Geschwister-Scholl-Straße 2
7749 Jena

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Tel. (03641)  354800

With the development of the first landscape plan for the city of Jena, I came to Jena in 1991 as an employee of the office of Prof. Reinhard Grebe, Nuremberg.

1993 followed the office foundation with Holgar Ehrensberger.
From the beginning, the landscape / cultural landscape planning is an important task area of our office.
Main findings and thoughts are summarized in this writing, which I have compiled together with Dr. Mathias Lerm.

The until the early Middle Ages largely forested, partly canyon-like Jena valley area has since developed through the small-scale management of people to a great landscape mosaic, which reached its greatest diversity at the beginning of the 20th century.
This writing on the landscape Jena would like to contribute to our unique cultural landscape in its structure and its diversity to recognize more clearly and to understand necessary use and action recommendations.
It would like to inspire in the interplay of economics, ecology and landscape aesthetics to the particularly formative areas of our unique landscape
for our children and grandchildren to preserve and further develop.
The citizens of Jena can also contribute to the protection, maintenance and further development of our cultural landscape within the framework of their social commitment, through the design of their own living environment in the settlement area or their gardens in the landscape area or the purchase of regional products.

Download Landschaftsbild, Schriften zur Stadtendwicklung Nr. 14üre_Landschaftsbild_Jena_Web_140120-1.pdf

Office profile:

Our office's range of tasks extends from municipal landscape planning and open space planning to project studies and consultancy work for public and private clients.

We always develop our projects according to their specific, landscape or urban contexts. Examples are the open spaces of the University Hospital Jena, the Science Campus Jena Beutenberg, the open spaces of the Dual University Gera - Eisenach in the former moated castle Tinz, the city balcony of the "green corridor water axis" in Jena and the vocational school campus Jena-Göschwitz.
After the large new construction projects of the "post-reunification period", the (monument-friendly) redevelopment of open spaces has come more to the fore in recent years. Examples are the outdoor facilities of the Carl Zeiss Planetarium Jena, the Goethe/Schiller Archive Weimar and the Wettin Castle on the Saale (project start 1st BA 2013 until probably 2024 ).
Mostly we work in cooperation with urban planners, structural architects, civil engineers and / or artists.
Cost and deadline compliance are just as important as sustainability in terms of changeable use, material quality, site-appropriate plant use, rainwater management and maintenance effort.
The theme of cultural landscape runs like a thread through our 20 years of office activity. Examples are the city-surrounding map Bad Langensalza, the development concept Middle Saale Valley and the font Landscape Jena.
For 25 years we successfully participate in competitions, eg:
2014 Living at the Cathedral in Erfurt 1. Prize with worschech architects, Erfurt
2017 Library and Civic Center Jena 1st prize with pbr architects, Jena (under construction),
2019 New Saale crossing in Rudolstadt 1st prize with Prof. Michael Mann, Erfurt
and several times a year I participate as a specialist judge in prize juries.


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