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scape Landschaftsarchitekten GmbH

Matthias Funk, Hiltrud M. Lintel, Prof. Rainer Sachse

Friedrichstraße 115a
40217 Düsseldorf

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Tel. (+49 (211))  30 20 37 0
Fax (+49 (211))  30 20 37 20

The office scape Landschaftsarchitekten was founded in 2001 by Matthias Funk, Hiltrud Lintel and Rainer Sachse in Düsseldorf. For our clients we work with a young and committed team mainly on object planning designs of urban open spaces.
For the office scape the term landscape includes not only the undeveloped natural space outside the cities, but all forms of landscapes such as urban, river and industrial landscapes. These landscapes do not exist as a matter of course, but are created when a subspace of our environment is perceived aesthetically.

As designers, we want to initiate, support and guide the processes that lead to the creation of landscape. The term scape stands for designed landscapes in the broadest sense: the countryside becomes a landscape, the city an urbanscape, depending on the object, materiality and dimension, waterscape, streetscape, lightscape etc. emerge.


Valentin Dreisen, Melanie Eiler, Nico Gaulocher, Vivien Ildikó Harmati, Judith Heimann, Martin Joschko, Kyriaki Katsika, Chiara Marschall, Johannes Middendorf, Astrid Miltz, Florian Selle, Yung-Chin Shih, Felilx Többen, Stefanie Trobisch, Lars Uebel, Ariane Wendt, Annika Werner