SINAI Gesellschaft von Landschaftsarchitekten mbH


SINAI Gesellschaft von Landschaftsarchitekten mbH

AW Faust, Klaus Schroll, Bernhard Schwarz

Lehrter Straße 57
10557 Berlin

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(0 30) 6 67 76 74 40
Fax ()  (0 30) 6 67 76 74 50

SINAI plans and develops open spaces.

The founding partners AW Faust, Klaus Schroll and Bernhard Schwarz have developed very different emphases in landscape architecture. Since the founding of the office in 2006, SINAI has pursued the goal of bringing together these complementary orientations in the office's quality standards - by practicing a culture of reflective design, precise craftsmanship of execution and a profound and foresighted control of project processes.
SINAI does not stand for a predefined design style, but rather for a process of designing and developing. This is characterized by curiosity, ingenuity and constant movement. Every initial idea is confronted with an alternative and opposing approach. In doing so, interdisciplinary confrontations are deliberately sought in order to resolve ingrained planning tendencies and find appropriate site-specific solutions.
The name SINAI figuratively refers to a landscape in constant motion or for a home of the nomadic in design.