Lion's yard Dresden Quartier 8, Old Town Dresden

Löwenhof - Pflanzung © 2013 Claudia Blaurock

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Löwenhof - Pflanzung © 2013 Claudia Blaurock

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Löwenhof - Blick zum Stallhof © 2013 Claudia Blaurock

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Löwenhof - Pflanzung © 2013 Claudia Blaurock

Löwenhof - Pflanzung © 2013 Claudia Blaurock

Löwenhof - Blick zum Stallhof © 2013 Claudia Blaurock

Centrally located in Dresden's city centre is the Löwenhof residential residence. This attractive, urban residential location is enhanced with an appealing and representative exterior design.
A fence designed from modern concrete and steel elements demarcates a green community and retreat for the residents of the residence from the street. Clear shapes and materials used, such as light-colored concrete block, natural stone, and steel, borrow from the modern design language of the architecture. Lively perennial plantings with solitary shrubs complement the design and enliven the communal outdoor space. Light steel and wood structures are topped by individual climbing shrubs and mark the boundary to private terraces with special rights of use.
The result is an outdoor space that creates an identity, is enlivened by the planting and can be used in a variety of ways.

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Planning offices


Stefanie Ruhmke

Further planners involved
BLAUROCK+STORCH Landschaftsarchitekten
Claudia Blaurock, Robert Storch

Project period
2011 - 2012

800 m2 intensive Dachbegrünung

Baywobau Baubetreuung GmbH / Stellwerk Architekten

01067 Dresden

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Project type
Green roofs, facades and interiors