A sufficient urban quarter for Flensburg Cooperative procedure for the Flensburg Hafen-Ost urban development framework plan

Marktplatz am Hafen-Ost © 2022 gruppe F | Freiraum für alle GmbH

Marktplatz am Hafen-Ost © 2022 gruppe F | Freiraum für alle GmbH

With its location on the waterfront and proximity to the city center, the Hafen-Ost in Flensburg is a prime location. The relocation of the industrial port has created great potential for urban development at this location.

A mixed-use and sufficient urban quarter will be created here. It is based on eight "guidelines for the development of a sustainable urban quarter". An urban development framework plan, which is being drawn up by Cityförster, Urban Catalyst and R T Verkehrsplanung GmbH, will answer the question of what such a district could look like.

Together with Gehl Architects, we are supporting the framework planning with a cooperative process. This took into account the diverse interests and needs associated with the area.

The first change at Hafen-Ost was a spatial intervention at the Harniskaispitze. In a construction workshop together with Stadtkontraste and with the participation of young Flensburg residents, we built seating elements, an exhibition space and sculptures - the Future Anchor. In the spirit of sufficiency, mainly used materials were used here: Boat fenders, pallets, two kayaks and a dinghy, water canisters and ventilation hoods from one of the silos. We found the materials on site or received them as donations.

The collaborative process consisted of stakeholder workshops and public events. In three workshops, landowners and tenants, potential users, representatives of associations and the city administration as well as sufficiency experts from the University of Flensburg contributed their expertise. Creative methods such as Lego Serious Play were also used.

Around 150 to 200 citizens accepted the invitation to take part in the planning at two public events. Due to contact restrictions caused by the pandemic, the first event took place digitally. The real-time survey tool Mentimeter was used to offer participatory opportunities and allow everyone to have their say. Discussions also took place in small groups. We documented the results publicly on a digital whiteboard. The second event took place on site and outside in June 2022. Participants were able to provide feedback, criticism and praise at market stalls and in plenary sessions.

The process was accompanied by a wide range of public relations work: with posters and notices on the Future Anchor, press work, advertising on buses, but above all online via newsletters and the websites of the city and redevelopment agency, and Flensburg residents were also kept up to date via Instagram and Facebook.

The planning team used the results of the workshops to develop three scenarios and, in the next step, a synthesis scenario, which formed the basis for the draft framework plan. This was revised following stakeholder participation and discussion with Flensburg residents. The framework plan is to be adopted by the council in 2023. It forms the basis for the development of Hafen-Ost. A public presentation and an exhibition are planned.

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