Outline plan "Hohenlinden town centre and crossroads Model project in urban development sponsored by the Supreme Building Authority in the Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior, Munich 2011

Rahmenplan „Ortsdurchfahrt und Ortsmitte Hohenlinden“ © Autoren: Planungsteam/Gemeinde Planungsteam/Gemeinde

Rahmenplan „Ortsdurchfahrt und Ortsmitte Hohenlinden“ © Autoren: Planungsteam/Gemeinde Planungsteam/Gemeinde

The framework plan develops a concept for the street space to be redesigned and the town centre on the basis of traffic relief for the town thoroughfare. Thereby, the shops and service offers should be strengthened by an upgrading of the front zones and inner-city squares.
The planning was carried out with intensive participation of the residents, citizens and stakeholders and was promoted as a model planning project by state subsidies.

The framework planning created the basis for upgrading the village thoroughfare and
town center. The further planning concretisation is ensured by the municipality step-by-step
through planning instruments coordinated in terms of time and content.
The corresponding contents were incorporated into the subsequently drawn up
land use plan. Development plans or project and development plans have been drawn up for parts of the perimeter. The implementation of the
proposed measures is carried out according to priorities.

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Modellvorhaben im Städtebau, Oberste Baubehörde im bayerischen Staatsministerium des Innern, Arbeitsblätter für die Bauleitplanung Materialien 9, Seite 30-34


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reitsam landschaftsarchitektur + stadtplanung bdla

Interdisziplinäre Zusammenarbeit verschiedener Ingenieure: Planungsverband Äußerer Wirtschaftsraum München Verkehrsplanungsbüro Lang + Burkhardt, München Einzelhandel Büro Popien und Partner

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Gemeinde Hohenlinden



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Urban, open space development concepts