At the goods station in Hamburg-Bergedorf

Kinderspiel © 2012 GHP

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Terrassen © 2012 GHP

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Entwurfsplan © GHP

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Kinderspiel © 2012 GHP

Terrassen © 2012 GHP

Entwurfsplan © GHP

An elongated park structure was created on the road by the freight station between apartment buildings and city villas, which became a connecting neighborhood park between the Bergedorf center and the park on the Wehrdeich.

The park by the freight station
The entrances to the park in the east and west are accentuated with a grove of trees from gleditschias (Gleditsia triacanthos "Sunburst"). The fine-leafed and yellow foliage of the gleditschias provides a protective canopy in the summer months without weighing down and obscuring the narrow park. To the south, the park is bordered by a band of aronia (Aronia melanocarpa), red-leaved in autumn, which also creates the necessary distance from the entrances to the townhouses. To the north, a "flowering ribbon" lines the park, planted with evergreen ground covers, roses and spring-flowering plants. The privet hedge (Ligustrum vulgare "Atrovirens") bordering the tenant gardens to the north provides a tranquil backdrop to the ornamental ribbon. The path through the park is accompanied by lawns, which are broken up by the almost permanently flowering robinias (Robina pseudoacacia "Semperflorens"). The park is structured by small squares, where play areas for small children can be designed. They also serve as distribution points for the pedestrian access to the urban villas.

Private open spaces
The ground floor apartments in the row buildings will be allocated private garden spaces. They receive a terrace and a demarcation to the park by a privet hedge. The "Blühende Band" additionally reinforces the distance. On the western edge is an ensemble of 3 apartment buildings, whose structural-spatial organization generates courtyard situations, which through their design allow both communal and private use.

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Planning offices

GHP Landschaftsarchitekten

Project period
2007 - 2012

1,4 ha

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Project type
Parks and green spaces
Open spaces for business and public facilities
Playgrounds, e.g. at childcare centers and schools