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No- Hander auf dem BMX Bike im Bowl © 2012 Ralf Maier

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Skateanlage © 2012 Ralf Maier

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Skateanlage © 2012 Ralf Maier

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Spielgerät im Sandspielbereich © 2012 Sandra Stein

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Mulitifunktionspielfeld © 2012 Sandra Stein

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Inlinehockeyspielfeld © 2012 Sandra Stein

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No- Hander auf dem BMX Bike im Bowl © 2012 Ralf Maier

Skateanlage © 2012 Ralf Maier

Skateanlage © 2012 Ralf Maier

Spielgerät im Sandspielbereich © 2012 Sandra Stein

Mulitifunktionspielfeld © 2012 Sandra Stein

Inlinehockeyspielfeld © 2012 Sandra Stein

As part of the construction of a new 8,000 m² rainwater retention basin, the existing playground on Dechenstrasse had to be dismantled
Following the construction of the rainwater retention basin, a more spacious play area was created on the entire site with the following facilities

1. inline hockey field

2. multifunctional playing field

3. skate park

4. playground

Explanation of the individual areas

1st inline hockey field:

An inline field hockey surface will be created on the existing asphalt surface. A new surface covering will be applied. Furthermore, a 40 cm high board and a 3 meter high ball catch fence will be erected. The field will be lined and two fixed steel goals will be installed. Youth benches will also be installed there.

2nd multifunctional playing field

This pitch has an artificial turf surface that is filled with sand.

The pitch is surrounded by ball catch fences (VelopA, type Omnistadium 20.70 x 11.18 m) and concrete slabs. Four additional goals make it possible to play soccer across the pitch. Youth benches are also installed here.

3rd skate park

This skate facility was developed in collaboration with Skate AG. This facility will be made of local concrete and will be built on the former soccer pitch. It is an open bowl or mini ramp with a corner. This bowl has different heights to offer beginners as well as advanced skaters/bikers
a lot of fun.
to offer a lot of fun.

In front of the bowl there will be a multifunctional area for young people. This area, whose surface consists of concrete slabs, has a ramp ("curb") and a handrail ("flatrail"). This area is also designed so that the skateboard game "Skate" and BMX flatland can also take place there. Youth benches will also be set up here

4th playground

The playground was planned according to the suggestions and wishes of the children from the Minoriten elementary school. In the wide play area filled with sand, there are two play structures with a focus on climbing.

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Planning offices

Maier Landscape Architecture/ Concrete Landscapes

Project period
2011 - 2012

12.000 m²


Am Sandbach
40878 Ratingen

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Project type
Sports facilities
Playgrounds, e.g. at childcare centers and schools
Parks and green spaces
Public participation / moderation