Restoration of the orangery area in the Schwerin Castle Garden

Blick vom Hauptturm auf die Grotte und den Orangeriehof © 2003 Stefan Pulkenat Büro Pulkenat

Blick vom Hauptturm auf die Grotte und den Orangeriehof © 2003 Stefan Pulkenat Büro Pulkenat

The castle garden is a garden monument of historicism. While the edge of the bank, the paths and the planting towards Lake Schwerin are still generously landscaped, the design towards the castle is condensed with geometric ornamental garden forms and culminates in the orangery and terrace area in decorative flower beds, an abundance of potted plants and figurative decoration.

The orangery was in danger of collapse in 1994. The remains of the garden were removed, in order to be laid out again after the building reorganization after old documents.
The monument-preserving objective of 1996 planned again a horticultural use of the orangery. The first sections, such as the grotto and north ramp, were completed in 1999. In spring 2001 the orangery area was inaugurated. Some sculptures have so far been recast or restored and fountains have been repaired.
Of the total financial expenditure for the numerous works on the palace, the restoration of the garden took up only a small part, but for the public it is of great importance.

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Planning offices

Hon. Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Pulkenat

Frank Claus
Constanze Wegwerth
Katja Pawlak
Andreas Horn
Oliver Mülders
Anita Simon
Heike Bartz
Michaela Pulkenat

Project period
1995 - 2001

Construction amount
ca. 3 Millionen DM (1,5 Euro)

Landtag Mecklenburg-Vorpommern,
vertreten durch das Finanzministerium M-V,
vertreten durch das Landesbauamt Schwerin

19055 Schwerin

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Project type
Planning of garden memorial care, park maintenance works
Redevelopment of (historic) open spaces