Redesign of the castle courtyard, Old Penzlin Castle

Alte Burg mit Beleuchtung © 2012 Stefan Pulkenat Büro Pulkenat

Alte Burg mit Beleuchtung © 2012 Stefan Pulkenat Büro Pulkenat

The Old Castle is the oldest preserved secular building in the town of Penzlin. From 1991 the listed castle buildings were renovated and the destroyed southern wing was rebuilt. Allotments and garages disappeared and the castle courtyard walls were reconstructed.

The castle courtyard was redesigned from 2011 to 2012 while preserving the historically evolved spatial structure. The courtyard area was reorganized to meet the different usage requirements of the museum, registry office, restaurant and events such as the annual castle festival. Instead of many small partial rooms, the courtyard can once again be experienced as a whole. The northern side of the courtyard with a large walnut tree, a fountain and flower beds along the wall was given a generous polygonal paving surface. The raised and flat beds serve as a herb garden for the museum. The medieval fountain received a new granite surround. The animal sculptures by the sculptor Walter Preik were integrated into the courtyard design. An easily walkable walkway made of granite slabs leads to the museum and the restaurant. Floor spotlights provide indirect illumination of the walls. The southern gravel area with a seating area for the restaurant is framed by old trees. From here there is a beautiful panoramic view of the old town.

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Planning offices

Hon. Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Pulkenat

Franka Rose
Norman Kühn

Project period
2010 - Juli 2012

1.500 m²

Construction amount
200.000,00 €

Stadt Penzlin

Alte Burg 1
17217 Penzlin

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