Primary school in Erfurt-Kerspleben Playground, garden and schoolyard

Lageplan © 2010 K. Schley Schley+Partner

Lageplan © 2010 K. Schley Schley+Partner

New school buildings have become rare. In Erfurt Kersplenben, the city council had WolffArchitekten build a new multi-storey building for 4 primary school classes in 2010-2011.

Our outdoor facilities have various functions: an inner courtyard as an access road and for breaks, a veritable school garden for vegetables and fruit that can be processed in the school's own kitchen, as well as a playground that promotes movement. Photovoltaic system and rainwater harvesting show that the municipality takes sustainability and resource conservation seriously

School and outdoor facilities were chosen by theL esers of the Thüringer Allgemeine as one of the favorites of the Architektouren 2011 one year after completion.

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Planning offices

Schley + Partner

Project period
2008 - 2010


Construction amount

StV Erfurt, Hochbau- und Grünflächenamt

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