Jena-Lobeda, Fritz-Ritter-Str. Outdoor facilities inspired by the surroundings of Jena

Zugang zum Garten © 2011 K. Schley Schley+Partner

Zugang zum Garten © 2011 K. Schley Schley+Partner

Renovation and new construction of the outdoor facilities in front of and behind the 11-storey residential slab with driveway, bicycle and garbage enclosure, main and side entrances, planted areas, seating areas and laundry drying areas.

In the sunny, warm rear area, seating areas and paths were built, which are held by planted dry stone walls, a typical regional landscape element. The naturalistic design with gravel and boulders and the planting with grasses is also inspired by the shell limestone rocks of the Jena area. In front of the house, the gravel surface with the 10 square grass islands and the pine tree point to landscape references. In contrast, technical-looking bicycle and garbage enclosures and the gabion wall.

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Schley + Partner

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2009 - 2012


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