Skatepool Wilnsdorf

Skatepool Wilnsdorf © Ralf Maier

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Skatepool Wilnsdorf © Ralf Maier

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Skatepool Wilnsdorf © Ralf Maier

Skatepool Wilnsdorf © Ralf Maier


In connection with the redesign of the bike park in Wilnsdorf, we planned a 200 m skate pool on the site for the association "Förderverein Skateranlage Wilnsdorf e.V.". The association has been involved in the maintenance and upgrading of the bike park for more than 10 years. After a long struggle, the association has now found the necessary support with the Leader funding and is now tackling the upgrading and expansion project. The skate pool will be constructed using in-situ concrete. The association is carrying out some of the work itself. However, the concrete work will be carried out by a qualified specialist company. Construction of the kidney-shaped skate pool began on 21.08.2017. The design for the pool was developed together with Dietsches. The pool features a waterfall that overcomes the height difference between 1.7m and 2.3m. In addition to the waterfall, the levels can also be changed via a hip. Opposite the hip, a wallride offers further opportunities for creative lines.

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Maier Landscape Architecture/ Concrete Landscapes

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200 m²



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Sports facilities
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