ROYAL SQUARES PADERBORN Golden centre with a unique identity

Königsquartier Paderborn © Bruun & Möllers

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Königsquartier Paderborn © Bruun & Möllers

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Königsquartier Paderborn © Bruun & Möllers

Königsquartier Paderborn © Bruun & Möllers

The "Königsquartier Paderborn" concept reopens the quarter between Marienstraße and Westernstraße as well as Marienplatz and Königsstraße and revitalizes it as a legible and functioning building block in the urban structure of Paderborn.

The design for the "Königsquartier Paderborn" cancels the one-sided orientation of the open space in favor of the pedestrian level and creates equality between the upper and lower levels. The linking of both levels to the rest of the urban space is a central element of the design idea. The controlled and gradual dismantling of the ramps and footbridges over the next few years will expose the spatial edges of the quarter and create the preconditions for the redesign of Königstrasse and Marienstrasse.

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Planning offices


Project period
2012 - 2018

7.000 m²

Stadt Paderborn

Westernstraße 22
33098 Paderborn

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Project type
Squares, promenades, pedestrian areas