Redesign of Obere Vorstadt

Umgestaltung Obere Vorstadt © 2020 Thorsten Jochim lohrer.hochrein

Umgestaltung Obere Vorstadt © 2020 Thorsten Jochim lohrer.hochrein

In order to increase the quality of the public street space in the Obere Vorstadt, Schneitbacher Weg and Augsburgerstraße from Franz-Beck-Straße, Augsburgerstraße up to the transition to Werlbergerstraße and Werlbergerstraße up to the intersection with Martinstraße were rearranged in terms of urban development and upgraded in terms of design.
The implemented measures benefit both residents and retailers:

The narrow sidewalks were widened, where possible widened in a plaza-like manner, and supplemented with benches and bicycle racks. Narrowly laid natural stone paving ensures good walkability.
Driving and stationary traffic was reduced to a functional and spatial minimum in the interests of good accessibility.
To accentuate the street space and make the individual sections recognisable, rows of small-crown urban pears and hop hornbeams were planted.
Thus, in the course of the redesign, a varied sequence of independent sub-areas was created, which invite people to meet, stay or stroll, provide open-air bar and offer areas for goods and, in terms of accessibility, user-friendliness and safety, take into account the needs of young and old.
An energy-efficient lighting concept supports the character of the "new" Obere Vorstadt and creates a pleasantly inviting atmosphere even in the dark.

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Planning offices

lohrer.hochrein landscape architects and urban planners gmbh

Other planning stakeholders
mayr ingenieure, Aichach

Project period
2018 - 2019

12.700 m²

Construction amount
ca. 4,5 Mio €

Stadt Aichach

Obere Vorstadt
86551 Aichach

Project type
Squares, promenades, pedestrian areas