HANSEVIERTEL LÜNEBURG New Quarter - New Open Space

Hanseviertel Lüneburg © Moritz Möllers Bruun & Möllers

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Hanseviertel Lüneburg © Moritz Möllers Bruun & Möllers

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© Moritz Möllers Bruun & Möllers

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Hanseviertel Lüneburg © Moritz Möllers Bruun & Möllers

Hanseviertel Lüneburg © Moritz Möllers Bruun & Möllers

© Moritz Möllers Bruun & Möllers

In the new Hanseviertel in Lüneburg, high-quality living spaces are being created at two central green spaces: the green city square and the approx. 700m long green corridor running in an east-west direction. The design differentiates the two spaces into an architectural green space, which as a town square and neighbourhood centre is given an urban, clear face, and the green corridor, which has a very scenic character with shallow topography and wild shrubs.

The green town square is characterised by two large lawn sculptures, which are modelled out of the sloping topography. The lawns form versatile spaces that can be experienced and played in, which are covered by loosely scattered, white-flowered bird cherries. Along the square there are four benches of the "Hanseviertel" model with the distinctive rising quarter circle. These communicative elements characterize the quarter. On the green areas one finds the flat modules of the bench with a wooden overlay.

In contrast to the clear, angular figures and the hard paved surfaces of the city square is the green corridor. The soft topography, which accommodates the difference in elevation of up to 5m between the southern and northern quarters, creates a very scenic image. Native wild shrubs, such as hawthorn, wild apple, elder and blackthorn, planted in groups support the landscape character. A footpath winds through the green corridor and connects the neighbourhoods to the open space. As is customary in Lüneburg, two small children's play areas were built subsequently as part of a participation process.

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Planning offices


Project period
2011 - 2015

33.000 m²

idb Grundstücksgesellschaft

Hansestraße 63
21337 Lüneburg

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Project type
Parks and green spaces