BID HIGH BLEACH Of green giants and golden boxes

BID Hohe Bleichen © Bruun & Möllers

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BID Hohe Bleichen © Bruun & Möllers

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BID Hohe Bleichen © Bruun & Möllers

BID Hohe Bleichen © Bruun & Möllers

"Business improvement district" (BID) means inner city renewal with a difference. Private money, bundled in a collective measure, finances the redesign or here much more reinvention of a piece of Hamburg's inner city, which until now was just an unknown backside.

Clean up, design, make known! New and uniform surfaces and less stationary traffic make this place attractive today. In addition, 10 m high trees of life and golden seat boxes give it a new identity - unusual elements in an urban context. And it is not only the outdoor space that shines in new splendour today. Its positive development is a catalyst for new investments in the surrounding area. Thus, the former backside in the heart of Hamburg has moved back into the center of perception and shows what effect private engagement in public space can have for everyone.

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Planning offices


Project period
2003 - 2009

7.900 m²

BID-Gemeinschaft Hohe Bleichen/Heuberg

Hohe Bleichen 14
20354 Hamburg

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Project type
Squares, promenades, pedestrian areas