OPEN SPACE DESIGN CAMPUS STEILSHOOP A beacon project of neighbourhood development

© Munder und Erzepky Landschaftsarchitekten bdla

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© Munder und Erzepky Landschaftsarchitekten bdla

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© Munder und Erzepky Landschaftsarchitekten bdla

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© Munder und Erzepky Landschaftsarchitekten bdla

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© Munder und Erzepky Landschaftsarchitekten bdla

© Munder und Erzepky Landschaftsarchitekten bdla

© Munder und Erzepky Landschaftsarchitekten bdla

© Munder und Erzepky Landschaftsarchitekten bdla

The Steilshoop Campus was tendered and successfully realised as a beacon project for neighbourhood development by the Landesbetrieb Schulbau Hamburg (Hamburg School Construction Authority), supported by the city's Integrated Urban District Development (RISE) framework programme. Operations commenced here in late summer 2019. The campus at Gropiusring brings together new school and neighbourhood uses with the existing facilities and is also designed as a place for meeting and exchange in the neighbourhood because of its district rooms and a district bistro. New buildings of a district school with an integrated primary school department were combined with a neighbourhood centre with social, cultural and other educational facilities. These include a youth centre, a parents' school and the Nordlicht e.V. association, a district library, the A.G.D.A.Z. cultural and district association, the adult education centre and the Alraune gGmbH. From the center of Steilshoop, new architectural as well as urban development impulses have been set, including the opening of the former structural bar and a direct path across the campus to the popular Bramfelder Lake in the district.

Munder and Erzepky Landscape Architects have planned and implemented the entire open space from 2017 to 2019 in the LPH 5 to 8. Particular to the site is the defining north-south slope of 1.80 meters, which required, for example, a continuous slope protection. In addition, the tasks included the paving of the path areas, the desired robust planting of the open spaces with grasses, new tree plantings, the construction of two small playing fields or the creation of play and courtyard areas for the district and elementary school.

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Munder und Erzepky Landschaftsarchitekten bdla

Planning offices

Munder and Erzepky Landscape Architects

Other planning stakeholders
Otto Wulff

Project period
2017 - 2019


Construction amount
1.642.200 €

Landesbetrieb Schulbau Hamburg, unterstützt durch das städtische Rahmenprogramm Integrierte Stadtteilentwicklung (RISE)

Gropiusring 43
22309 Hamburg

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