Streetscape design "Am Rähmen" Jena



With the backfilling of the Mühllache in 1938, the street space lost its identity. The formerly heterogeneous street space was visually unified and upgraded by large-format natural stone paving. In the centre there is a small square with a multi-trunked sweet chestnut tree. It is acoustically connected to the other common areas by conference columns and a pipe system. A long sunken bed with blue perennial planting reminds of the former course of the Mühllache. Flowering trees appropriate to the location set colourful accents. Deciduous hedges provide spatial boundaries to the parking spaces, the original number of which was significantly reduced by the addition of two car-sharing spaces, among other things.

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Planning offices

stock landschaftsarchitekten

Project period
2014 - April 2018

Kommunalservice Jena