Cultural library Nordhausen



In the centre of Nordhausen, north of the town hall, lies the new culture library, which is fronted by a large, bright "reading terrace" with a representative water basin and outdoor seating of the new café. Travertine in slender rectangular formats of various widths reflects the theme of the facade on the floor of the reading terrace and connects the interior in the entrance area with the "stone plaza".
A shallow water basin with a calm reflective surface and concrete seating edges on the sides offers attractive places to stay and read. A generous, south-facing "reading staircase" leads to the lower-lying Town Hall courtyard and provides a sunny place to linger and chat - especially in the spring and fall months. From the library, the view falls to the north onto the redeveloped open spaces of the residential quarter on Kornmarkt.
Together with the new culture library, this ensemble received the Thuringian State Prize for Architecture and Urban Development in 2016 as "Stadtbaustein Nordhausen" (Architects Schettler-Wittenberg, Weimar ).

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Planning offices

stock landschaftsarchitekten

Project period
März 2006 - August 2014

Schettler & Wittenberg Architekten, Weimar