Day nursery Talleweg Paderborn 3rd place in the competition

Perspektive in den Innenhof © 2020 Marocco Fabian Reinsch

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Lageplan Kita Talleweg © 2020 Marocco Fabian Reinsch

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Perspektive in den Innenhof © 2020 Marocco Fabian Reinsch

Lageplan Kita Talleweg © 2020 Marocco Fabian Reinsch

The design of the outdoor facilities makes strong reference to the surroundings and local features at the location of the new daycare center in Paderborn Marienloh. The nearby river Lippe was renaturalized from 2005-2014. The formerly straight course of the river was re-flooded and restored to its original form with meanders, river islands and breakthroughs. This natural river landscape serves as inspiration for the design of the outdoor area of the Talleweg daycare center.

A play path is being created on the grounds based on the model of a river. It meanders dynamically across the property, creating exciting spaces that invite play. The colourful path forms a large circular route on the site. Inside this circular path are sand play areas and deeper seepage beds. On the outside, you'll find a landscape of slight hills. This serves both as a boundary to the neighbors and allows the children to look over the fence that borders the property into the adjacent nature preserve. The path itself also has a topography in order to create a more interesting play landscape through the alternating ups and downs. At the same time, its meandering form ensures that the groups can also play separately from each other on the grounds without being separated by visible barriers.

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Planning offices

nuko PartGmbB

Other planning stakeholders
Lysann Schmidt (landscape architect)
fabulism (landscape architects)
Marocco Fabian Reinsch Architekt

Project period

4.700 m²

Stadt Paderborn + Gebäudemangement Paderborn