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The design of the open spaces builds on the concept of the Blue-Green Ring as an urban cultural landscape. The landscape is recreated by placing the buildings on the south side and rerouting traffic flows. Traffic on Harold Street will be reduced to trams and buses in the site area, allowing for a green cross connection between the Rhine and the Schwanenspiegel. The relation to the existing watercourses is created by opening the Düssel between Speeschem Graben and Schwanenspiegel and by creating the Green Harold Bay with organically shaped meadows, trees and water elements. The bay is complemented by a network of paths, entrance plazas, a large public square with a water table and a play area. The small-scale organic structuring causes a slowing down of the flow of movement and social interaction and forms an antipole to the anonymous car lanes in the south.

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Planning offices

nuko PartGmbB

Other planning stakeholders
Lysann Schmidt (landscape architect)
fabulism (landscape architects)
Paul Raphael Schägner (Architekt)

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Prices & Awards
1. Preis im Wettbewerb

Project type
Green roofs, facades and interiors
Squares, promenades, pedestrian areas
Open spaces for business and public facilities
Urban, open space development concepts