CARAVAN UFFHAUSER STRASSE FREIBURG 1st place // Cooperation with Florian Krieger Architektur und Städtebau



A comb-like, generally closed development shields the area from the traffic noise of Uffhauser Straße, while at the same time it confronts the public space invitingly and with attractive, extensively greened architecture. It is sculpturally divided into several layers, or a chain of "houses" and "comb teeth", and thus sets the rhythm for three opposite rows of flats, which make the new quarter permeable on its quiet eastern side. Between them lies the large address-forming inner courtyard as a green centre and common reference space for all residents. In the north, this courtyard is enclosed by an angular structure, in the south by a slightly offset and more open row. In the northeast, the free-standing daycare center forms a point-like conclusion to the row of buildings on Drei-Ähren-Strasse and an exciting diagonal reference to the high point in the southwest.

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