The park is gilded Redesign of Hans Jonas Park in Mönchengladbach

Visualisierung Eingang VHS © Flip Staszkiewicz Planergruppe

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Visualisierung © Flip Staszkiewicz Planergruppe

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Visualisierung © Flip Staszkiewicz Planergruppe

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Lageplan © Planergruppe

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Visualisierung Eingang VHS © Flip Staszkiewicz Planergruppe

Visualisierung © Flip Staszkiewicz Planergruppe

Visualisierung © Flip Staszkiewicz Planergruppe

Lageplan © Planergruppe

The Hans-Jonas-Park, which is characterised by strong topography, is located in the centre of Mönchengladbach and is part of an important green link in the city structure. It is being modernised and upgraded with funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Important public buildings - the adult education centre, the music school, the STEP youth centre, the Humanistische Gymnasium - are located in or near the park.

We are redesigning Hans-Jonas-Park into a pleasant and diverse place to stay and meet. We zone the park decentrally with places for exercise and play as well as for relaxation and rest.

Important design elements are the new pathway concept with the east-west axis between the VHS and Dream Street. A wide, bright

main path leads from the Sonnenhaus in a generous arc to Fliescherberg. The adult education center will be integrated into the park. A double staircase leads over wide lawn steps and stairs to the swing plateau.

A multifunctional sports area at Fliescherberg, which is also used by the students of the adjacent high school, is the active place in the park with a small playing field for soccer, hockey, basketball and volleyball as well as modern fitness equipment. The Green Classroom features youth-friendly benches made of peeled robinia trunks. Around the STEP youth centre, four play areas with different themes have been designed for different age groups and interests: Colored wooden cubes for balancing and climbing, a sand area with tables, loops and colorful concrete pebbles, colorful play hills for running and

conquering, and a tree house for role-play and adventure play.

Visitors can find rest at the artwork and in the forest-like areas scattered throughout the park, as well as in the new tea garden at the VHS. The lawn at Sonnenhausplatz can be used for sunbathing and picnicking. The beer garden at Haus Erholung will be more integrated with the park. The overgrown vegetation will be removed, the bastion wall will be trimmed by 90cm and replaced by a transparent railing. The schoolyard of the grammar school will become more colourful and diverse. The students are interested in more possibilities for experience and movement and in a friendly appearance. The courtyard will be equipped with a parkour facility, which will also be used for physical education classes. New plantings with trees, grasses and perennials structure friendly new places to stay.

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Planning offices

The planner group

Bianca Porath

Other planning stakeholders
DSGN Concepts, Münster (Fitness- und Parkourbereiche); OC Lichtplanung, Diepholz (Beleuchtungskonzept)

Project period

3.5 ha

Stadt Mönchengladbach, FB Stadterneuerung und Stadtentwicklung

Lüpertzender Straße
41061 Mönchengladbach

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