Green before grey Redesign of Platz der Republik in Mönchengladbach

Visualisierung © VisuPlan 3D Planergruppe

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Visualisierung © VisuPlan 3D Planergruppe

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Lageplan © Planergruppe

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Visualisierung © VisuPlan 3D Planergruppe

Visualisierung © VisuPlan 3D Planergruppe

Lageplan © Planergruppe

The Republic Square will become a place of arrival and stay for the quarter under development between the inner city and the future Urban Lakeside. The dimensions of the square, the residents and the tree population offer great potential for reorientation with regard to a sustainable, future-oriented use as a hybrid urban space.

The square is perceived today as a transit-oriented place, paved in the middle, lined with green and gray functional spaces without quality of stay. The aspect of traffic predominates. The potential of the actually green square with space-defining tree solitaires is unused.

The reduction of traffic areas opens up opportunities for the development of an urban space characterised by greenery with intensive open space uses. The central square marks the point of arrival at the entrance to the station. Traffic is reorganised, the connection to the Urban Lakeside is given a new meaning. Generous, tree-lined green spaces are lined with paths.

The Republic Square is interwoven with the surrounding (open space) uses. Along a central axis there are different possibilities to stay. Trend sport and play offers form the active centre. The station access becomes the opening square, an

urban place with a striking sculpture. Opposite, a generous park grandstand lines the square.

The green areas, which have been enlarged by 10%, offer light and shady recreational areas with the various densities of trees. Paths, lined with species-rich herbaceous borders and seating areas, structure the green spaces.

The safety aspect shapes the lighting concept. Heavily frequented paths are evenly illuminated in a linear fashion. The special places are highlighted as highlights.

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Planning offices

The planner group

Thomas Dietrich

Other planning stakeholders
Duksa Ingenieure, Unna (Verkehrsplanung); DSGN Concepts, Münster (Skate- UND Parkourbereiche); OC Lichtplanung, Diepholz (Beleuchtungskonzept), Aquaactive, Detmold (Wassertechnik)

Project period

3 ha

Stadt Mönchengladbach, FB Stadterneuerung und Stadtentwicklung

Heinrich-Sturm-Straße 3
41065 Mönchengladbach

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