The rediscovery of the old town Old market in Monheim am Rhein

Blick auf den Alten Markt © Claudia Dreyße Planergruppe

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Die Lindeninsel gibt dem Platz eine Mitte © Claudia Dreyße Planergruppe

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Außengastronomie an der Turmstraße © Claudia Dreyße Planergruppe

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Blick über die Kapellenstraße in die Altstadt © Claudia Dreyße Planergruppe

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Blick auf den Alten Markt © Claudia Dreyße Planergruppe

Die Lindeninsel gibt dem Platz eine Mitte © Claudia Dreyße Planergruppe

Außengastronomie an der Turmstraße © Claudia Dreyße Planergruppe

Blick über die Kapellenstraße in die Altstadt © Claudia Dreyße Planergruppe

The Old Market was the central square in the medieval town. With numerous historic buildings, the large old lime trees, the market fountain and the court cross, it has the potential to be an attractive old town square. The relics of the fortifications together with the customs house and the medieval alleys such as the Freiheit and Zollstraße reinforce the historic character of this urban space. Its location at the edge of the hill from the town to the countryside is also a special potential. The market place is about 3m higher than the Kapellenstraße and thus allows a great view into the Rheinaue. The historical significance of the old market and the potential of the landscape are therefore central to us in the redesign of the square.

The reinterpretation of the square refers to the historical layout of the city, in which the current market place consisted of a triangular square in the eastern part and an alley in the western part. With the formation of a tree island, the design focus is placed on this eastern and topographically higher part. The island gives the square a center, provides a generous

staging area, and incorporates the existing elements. The island receives a wide border of natural stone, the beautiful frame refines the special place. The existing lime trees will be integrated into the water-bound surface, and the island will be usable for outdoor dining without disturbing fixtures.

To the west, a plateau raised to the height of the fountain square forms the counterpart to the island. Under three newly planted lime trees, an open, friendly area is created for outdoor gastronomy. The difference in height between this plateau and the steadily sloping square is compensated for by three steps, on which a "city sofa" is installed, allowing a view of both the fountain and the floodplain. The city model for the old town finds its place here.

To reduce traffic areas, we propose a traffic routing on the north side of the square, with a reduction to one-way traffic in the last section of Tower Street. The resulting traffic-free square area will serve as amenity space and for outdoor catering by the resident

restaurants. Parking spaces are not appropriate on the Old Market, the historic situation should remain free of stationary traffic.

Lighting concept
A row of seven pole lights with a cautiously modern character provides the necessary illumination. In addition, atmospheric accents are set: The fountain and the court cross are illuminated with recessed floor spotlights, as are the old lime trees, the old fortification wall and the old town hall.

The square is uniformly paved with natural stone in all areas. A basalt as a binder stone in an elongated format is used in various dressings, these bring a varied play in the surfaces, and take into account the different traffic loads. The edging of the tree island and the steps are made of grey granite. The initiative of the citizens to reconstruct the original fountain at its old location is welcomed. The fountain will be integrated into the new square design in place of the court cross.

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Planning offices

The planner group

Thomas Dietrich

Project period
2015 - 2018

Stadt Monheim

40789 Monheim am Rhein

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