Shadow cast Competition for the redesign of the Kuhlenwall axis in Duisburg

Visualisierung © Studiomauer Planergruppe

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Lageplan © Planergruppe

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Visualisierung © Studiomauer Planergruppe

Lageplan © Planergruppe

The ramparts from the Kuhtor to the inner harbour represent a unique urban space - the structure of the former fortifications can be read as an undeveloped area in the dense inner city. However, it cannot be experienced because it is very heterogeneously designed, dissected by numerous traffic facilities and dominated by stationary traffic. Reclaiming this space and making it possible to experience its coherence and historical significance are the goals for the "Kuhlenwall Axis".
This is directly linked to the goal of realizing as much greenery as possible and forming this as a coherent, linear element. We reduce the functions of

MIV and put them on the edges, the middle we form as a green corridor. An attractive main path - the Wall Path - will be continuously routed here, accompanied on both sides by greenery and kept as far away as possible from roads and parked cars.

The preserved and reconstructed parts of the city wall are impressive and the open space formative evidence of the old defense system. A ground-flush replica of the course of the former city wall is integrated into the entire development of the wall path. Short pictorial information and lighting are embedded in the wall strip, which rises to the height of a seating wall at rhythmic

intervals. In this way, the visitor is intuitively guided along the wall and repeatedly invited to interact with it.

As a special element, the new tower sites at the former towers are emphasized and designed as places of special atmosphere. On the one hand, they accommodate different places to stay and play, and at the same time serve as historical windows that allow a glimpse into the past. The elements of planting, topography, furnishing and lighting subtly refer to history without reconstructing it. City history can be experienced in a playful way.

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Planning offices

The planner group

Ute Aufmkolk

Project period
2019 - 2020

1460 m2

Stadt Duisburg

47051 Duisburg

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