Garden courtyards at the Wulmstorfer Wiesen

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© 2023 HHVH

Surrounded by broad field maple hedges, rose blossoms, fruit trees and oaks, people will be living on the Wulmstorfer Wiesen in the future.

The design language of the quarter is determined by the staggered arrangement of the residential buildings, which creates an interestingly angled layout.

The generously designed residential courtyards encourage the formation of smaller neighborhoods in an overarching community. The garden zones and communal courtyards facing the midday and afternoon sun give the district a simple basic structure; the semi-public courtyards can be used for communal garden ideas as required. This is where people play, rest, garden and celebrate.

The guiding principle for the use of plants is the surrounding rural area. The typical Lower Saxon hall courtyards, surrounded by old oak trees and lawns, as well as the orchards of the Altes Land offer robust, low-maintenance planting patterns that give the new quarter its basic character.

The paving used for the entrances, garden zones and courtyards is also based on the historical paving of the rural paths and squares.

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Planning offices

22303 Hamburg

Other planning stakeholders
kbnk Architekten GmbH

Project period
2020 - 2022

Projektentwicklung HBI Immobiliengesellschaft mbH

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Green roofs, facades and interiors
Parks and green spaces
Playgrounds, e.g. at childcare centers and schools