Garden landscape new residential building Giselbertstraße

© 2023 Sebastian Glombik

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© 2023 Sebastian Glombik

The residential quarter in Giselbertstrasse is part of a newly developed residential area for predominantly multi-storey residential construction on the outskirts of Buxtehude. Six 3 - 4-storey residential buildings with shared underground parking have been built on the approx. 3000 m2 plot.

The residential development is surrounded by a strip of front garden with extensive planting. This mediates between the street level and the slightly elevated buildings as well as the inner courtyard in the form of a slight modeling and a bordering hedge parterre.

The courtyard area with its generous planting areas of ground-covering grasses and perennials as well as numerous tree plantings in modeled lawns offers residents a park-like atmosphere. Various seating areas create an additional quality of stay.

An all-round concrete kerb clearly separates the public footpaths from the private front garden zones. The different colors of the paths give the entire interior of the property a relaxed look and blend in well with the rural surroundings. Bollard lights provide discreet lighting in the outdoor areas during the evening hours.

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Planning offices

22303 Hamburg

Other planning stakeholders
kbnk Architekten GmbH

Project period
2021 - 2022

HBI Hausbau – Immobiliengesellschaft mbH

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Project type
Green roofs, facades and interiors
Open spaces for business and public facilities
Parks and green spaces