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German Landscape Architecture Prize 2007

Two first prizes and five commendations - that was the jury's decision on the German Landscape Architecture Award 2007 competition.

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The "History Park Former Cellular Prison Moabit, Berlin", planned by the Berlin landscape architects bdla Udo Dagenbach, Glaßer and Dagenbach, which opened in October 2006, was awarded First Prize. In its verdict, the jury concluded that the project is distinguished by the combination of a citizens' park and memorial in the form of an architectural garden.

Another First Prize was awarded by the judges for the planning of the "Plant extension window factory Hagendorn-Cham/Switzerland" by the architects Niklaus Graber and Christoph Steiger and the landscape architect BSLA Stefan Koepfli. This project made a high-quality and contemporary contribution to the theme of designing the edge of a town with commercial buildings. Five projects received awards.

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